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Mag-13®Three-Axis Magnetic Field Sensors

The Mag-13 range of sensors provide high precision measurements of static and alternating magnetic fields. Different combinations of noise level, measuring range,and a range of enclosures, make the sensors suitable for use in many applications.

Product model:Mag-13®


Product classification:Magnetic field measurement

These include defence,physics, geophysics, bioelectromagnetics and mineral exploration.
All sensors have an integral test coil that removes the need for a separate calibration unit, and a temperature sensor

  • Wide range of enclosures; unpackaged and submersible versions available
    Noise levels down to <5pTrms/√Hz at 1Hz
    Measuring ranges from ±60μT to ±1000μT
    Bandwidth of 3kHz
    Environmentally sealed and shielded from electrical interference
    Integrated test coil and temperature sensor
    Tail option available for the Mag-13MSS

    Product name Package Noise Range in μT
    Mag-13 MS = Square
    MSS = Square, submersible
    MC = Cylindrical
    MCD = Cylindrical, deep submersible
    U = Unpackaged
    no code = Standard
    L = Low noise
    Q = Very low noise

    Sensors with ranges ≥ 250µT are only available in standard noise option.

Mag-13 Specifications

Number of axes Three
Polarity +ve non-inverting output when pointing North
Bandwidth (-3dB) >3kHz (-11dB/octave roll-off)
Measurement noise floor:
L (low)
Q (very low)
6 to ≤10pTrms/√Hz at 1Hz
<6pTrms/√Hz at 1Hz
<5pTrms/√Hz at 1Hz
Start-up time 150 ms
Warm-up time 15 min to meet specifications for scaling
<60min to meet noise specification
Scaling error ±0.5%
Orthogonality error between axes <±0.1° (<±0.2° for MCD)
Alignment error (Z axis to reference face) <±0.1° (Mag-13MS only)
Linearity error 0.0015% (least squares fit)
Frequency response DC to 1kHz (±5%)
Hysteresis <2nT (1 x full scale, when powered)
Overload hysteresis <2nT (2 x full scale, when powered)
Excitation breakthrough <5 mV pk-pk at 15.625kHz typical
Mean Time Before Failure (MIL217F) Target 12 years


Mating connectors for the Mag-13MC and Mag-13MS models are supplied free of charge.
Submersible mating connectors are not supplied.

Magnetic field monitoring
Use as feedback sensors in active magnetic field cancellation systems
Magnetic signature measurements
Electromagnetic survey

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