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mag-03 Three-Axis Magnetic Field Sensors

Three-Axis Magnetic Field Sensors

Product model:mag-03


Product classification:Magnetic field measurement

These compact, high performance fluxgate sensors with integral electronics provide precision measurements of static and alternating magnetic fields in three axes.
They are available in a variety of enclosures. Powered from any ±12V supply, outputs are in the form of three analogue voltages from 0 to ±10V, proportional to Bx, By and Bz.
The sensors have a very wide range of applications in physics, bioelectromagnetics, geophysical exploration,and defence
A range of power supply and data acquisition units are available

Product name Package Noise specification* Range in µT
Mag-03 MC= Cylindrical
MCFL = Cylindrical, connections via flying leads
MCUP = Cylindrical, unpackaged
MCTP = Cylindrical, two-part construction
IE = Independent elements
IEHV = Independent elements, for use in a high vacuum
MS = square section
NC = no con
B – Basic
L – Low
Standard – no letter

Example: Mag-03MC100 is a standard noise sensor with a range of ±100µT.
* If no “L” is specified then the sensor is standard noise.
Note: For some Mag-03 magnetometers (Mag-03 MCFL, MCTP, MCUP, IE), lead lengths must be specified and this
length is included in the product identification. For example, Mag-03MCFL250-1000 is a Mag-03MCFL with a range
of 250µT and flying leads of 1000mm.

Number of axes Three
Polarity +ve non-inverting output when pointing North
Bandwidth (-3dB) 3kHz
Measurement noise floor:
basic version
standard version
low noise version
>10 to 20pTrms/√Hz at 1Hz
6 to ≤10pTrms/√Hz at 1Hz
<6pTrms/√Hz at 1Hz
Scaling error <±0.5%
Orthogonality error <0.5°
Alignment error (Z axis to reference face) <0.1° (Mag-03MS-NC only)
Single sensor axis to body <3.5° (Mag-03IE sensors only)
Linearity error <0.0015%
Frequency response 0 to 1kHz maximally flat, ±5% maximum at 1kHz
Excitation breakthrough <20mV pk-pk at 15.625kHz typical (3kHz bandwidth)
<400mV pk-pk at 15.625kHz typical (5kHz bandwidth)



  •   Magnetic field monitoring
    Use as feedback sensors in active magnetic field shielding systems
    Site surveys prior to MRI or Electron Microscope installation
    Electromagnetic surveys
    Aeromagnetic surveys
    Magnetic signature ranges

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