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Seismometers Accelerometers

Product model:QA-2g


Product classification:earthquake monitoring

strong motion accelerometers, making them ideal for local earthquake early warning and structural health monitoring applications. They all feature flexible gain options so they can perform optimally in a wide range of earthquake monitoring scenarios.

Stable performance

⚫ Large dynamic range >135dB

⚫ Amplitude-frequency feature DC-170Hz Wide and flat

⚫ IP67 protection grade with good sealing characteristics

⚫ Can be manually adjusted to zero

⚫ has a calibration loop, which can be damped,Calibration of period and response sensitivity.

⚫ temperature drift < 50 ug / ° C

Application areas:

⚫ Strong earthquake observation

⚫ Structural monitoring of hydraulic structures

⚫ Free field measurement

⚫ Site evaluation

⚫ Aftershock study

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